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How to Handle Vinyl Phonograph Records & Use the Listening Equipment

NOTE: Always handle your records along the outer rim and/or center. Never handle your vinyl by touching the playing (i.e., grooved) surface! Your fingers contain oils that will transfer to the record surface and will act as a magnet, pulling in contaminants, which, in turn, will degrade sound quality during playback. The oils from your hands - if not cleaned from the record - will permanently set to the vinyl's surface. (If you have ever seen a record with a finger print that will not come off after cleaning, it is the result of the oils having set in.)

SO… As you remove the record from the outer and inner sleeves, hold the record by placing your thumb on the edge of the disc, and the rest of the fingers of the same hand on the center label for balance. Use the fingertips of both hands along on the edge of the record to place it on or remove it from the turntable.


Headphone Amp:
1) Turn master Power switch to ‘On’;
2) As the record plays you can adjust the volume (“Phono Volume”) to a desired level BUT…
3) Please DO NOT adjust any of the other switches on the amp!

4) Open the lid on the listening station;
5) Place the record on the turntable, handling the records as suggested above;
6) Push ‘Power’ button on the left side;
7) Push ‘Start/Stop.’ The turntable will start rotating.
*PLEASE DO NOT manually lower the tone arm onto the record!*
8) Lift up the cueing lever at the base of the tone arm;
9) Move the tone arm to the desired position over the record;
10) Lower the cueing lever down. The tone arm descends slowly onto the record.
11) Adjust the volume on the amplifier.

When you finish listening:
1) Lift the cueing lever up;
2) Return the tone arm to the arm stand;
3) Lower the cueing lever;
4) Push the ‘Start/Stop’, then ‘Power’ buttons;
5) Turn off the amplifier;
6) Return the record to the sleeve, handling it as suggested above.

Close the lid of the player to prevent dust from settling on the turntable.