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Printing Help

Q: Where can I print in the Mendel Music Library?
A: There is a print station on the first floor in the reference area and in the second floor reading room. There are NO printers available in the listening room except for the one assigned to the music notation stations which is specifically for those machines. If you are using a computer in the listening room you can save to a flash drive and print elsewhere.

Q: Where can I purchase a flash drive at Princeton so that I can copy files from a library computer?
A: The Library Access Office now sells flash drives. Anyone can purchase these, but they are mainly intended for guest users who have need of saving files that they can't print due to their limited quota. The Office has drives for $10 or $13 (both 2GB). The difference between these is that the more expensive one is orange and black, with a Princeton logo.

The OIT Solutions Center in Frist (open 9-5) also sells 2GB flash drives for $14.61. You may email them for more information:

Q: Do patrons who are not affiliated with the University get printing privileges?
A: In line with other branch libraries on campus, we are no longer subsidizing free guest printing in Mendel Library. Only authorized Princeton users get free printing on campus. You will need to visit Firestone Library to acquire guest access privileges. Library guest users will be given a quota depending on the length of time of their access privileges. Their annual quota will not exceed that of the undergraduates.

Q: Is there a limit on the number of prints I can make?
A: Yes. The undergraduate quota will be 2,100 sheets of paper and the graduate student quota will be 3,000 sheets.

Q: How do I keep track of my printing quota?
A: You can keep track of how much you have printed when you log in to a print release station where a process will be established to request additional quota. The quota will automatically display on the release station before you authorize the transaction in case you need to cancel the print job due to lack of funds.

Q: How do I get my student print quota adjusted if a print job goes bad?
A: You can call the OIT Help Desk (609-258-HELP) and have your print quota adjusted if the printer malfunctions. If you are worried that you will go over the quota then you will need to call the OIT Help Desk. The OIT Help Desk can and will adjust quotas in an emergency. You will need to make a case in advance for why you need more than the standard quota and that request will need to be authorized by an academic office. You may also opt to email the Help Desk at: A short and simple explanation of the issue will take care of it, though the reinstatement won't be immediate, but on the next business day.

Q: What do I do if my print job does not work or if the printer is flashing a message about an error, toner low or otherwise?
A: See the staff at the Circulation Desk for assistance.

Q: How can I print from my laptop to a Pharos Print Station?
Instructions on how to print to a print release station can be found here: