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Music Authoring Stations (Mac Computers with Keyboard)

Note: A quick reference guide to Finale 2011 is available for in-library use only from the Mendel Music Library circulation desk. Please see the library catalog record for more information on this guide.

First Time Setup

1. Log in using Net ID and Password

2. You will be logged into a basic configuration. Open up Applications from the finder. Launch the application you want to use. This icon will now be in the dock. Click and hold icon and click "Keep in Dock".

3. Repeat these steps for every application you want in the dock.

If Finale asks for MIDI setup.

1. Finale Channel 1-16 should be setup to use Fastlane USB Port A. Once selected press okay and the keyboard will then be recognized.


1. Select Print.
2. Select the printed called Mendel.
3. Make sure Printer power is turned on.

Logging Out

1. Please make sure to log off after each session.

Mendel FAQ

Q: How can I get Sibelius or Finale to record, from the keyboard, my note entries? in real time as I am playing?
A: This should work automatically. Refer to the question I cannot hear the keyboard for further instructions. Also make sure the part where you want to input notes is selected and highlighted in blue. If there is no response from the keyboard at all you may have to turn it on my pressing the black button described in question 3.

Q: How can I get finale to play back my composition?
A: Hide the Playback Controls by clicking on the Window Menu, then select Playback Controls so that the check mark disappears. If you do not hear any sound at all make sure the switch on the black control box is selected to Computer. You can also visit the Knowledge Base page of Finale Support for more trouble shooting steps.

Q: How do I add more staves to my composition?
A: See Sibelius Complete Handbook section 4.3

Q: How can I print out my composition in parts?
A: See Sibelius Reference Guide 5.16 for all Printing features.

Q: Who do I contact if I have problems with Sibelius or Finale? (Grad composition students? – there is usually no-one available).
A: Jeremiah LaMontagne or you can try emailing the Composition Grad students to see if they are
available. MUSIC-COMP-GRAD@Princeton.EDU

Q: Who do I contact if I have problems with machines (phone numbers, email, hours of availability)?
Jeremiah LaMontagne
Monday - Friday 9a-5p

Q: A brief explanation of both Finale and Sibelius, that would include clear access (via URL’s?) to their help pages.
A: Sibelius 6 complete handbook and Reference book are on the desktops of all the Mac
computers. For Finale 10 support, visit this link: