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Spring 2014 Audio & E-Reserves

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Audio Links
Current Courses - Undergraduate
EReserve Links
aas305 History of Black Gospel Music aas305 Wallace Best
aas348 Black Popular Music Culture Daphne Brooks
dan209 Introduction to Movement and Dance dan209 Aynsley Vanderbroucke
dan211 / aas211 The American Dance Experience and Africanist Dance Practices dan211 / aas211 Dyane H. Salaam
dan220 Beginning/Intermediate Modern Dance: Technique and Choreography dan220

Rebecca Stenn

dan304 Special Topics in Contemporary Practice: Body, Object, Sound: Translation and the Making of Performance dan304 Suzanne Bocanegra, Susan Marshall, Jason Treuting
dan321 Special Topics in Dance: The Art of Seeing: Choreograpy in the Contemporary Moment dan321 Claudia La Rocco
dan409 Contemporary Dance: Advanced Technique and Choreography dan409
Rebecca Stenn
dan421 Approaches to Ballet dan421 Tina Fehlandt
ecs380 Music and European Jewry Wendy Heller
mus103 Intro to Music Scott Burnham
mus206 Tonal Syntax Dan Truman
mus217 Orchestral music : analysis and performance Ruth Ochs
mus223 The Ballet mus223 Simon Morrison
mus226 The Concerto Danill Zavlunov
mus234 Music of the Baroque Era mus234 Nicholas Lockey
mus258 Music of Africa mus258 Martin Schezinger
mus262 Introduction to the Evolution of Jazz mus262 Dean Reynolds
mus330 Opera Revealed mus330 Wendy Heller
thr302 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Theater Rinde Eckert
thr310 The Musical Theatre of Stephen Sondheim: Process to Production thr310 Stacy E. Wolf
thr341 Acting and Directing in Musical Theater Ethan Heard, John Rando
wri131 / wri132 Dangerous Music Leanne Wood
wri135 / wri136 Music and Power Andrea L. Mazzariello
wri163 Music and Madness Gregory Spears
Current Courses - Graduate
compgen Composition Generals
mus514 Topics in 19th- and Early 20th-Century - Shostakovitch mus514 Simon Morrison
mus518 Musical Theory from the 18th Century to: Music Writing by Nonspecialists mus518 Scott Burnham / Barbara White
mus528 Seminar in Musicology: Cultural Fusion, Exoticism and Music Analysis mus528 Nancy Rao
Princeton Ensembles
chapel Chapel Choir Penna Rose
concert Princeton University Glee Club Gabriel Crouch
musica Musica Alta Nicholas Lockey
puje Princeton University Jazz Ensembles Anthony Branker
puo Princeton University Orchestra Michael Pratt
sinfonia Princeton University Sinfonia Ruth Ochs
puwe Princeton University Wind Ensemble Bob Gravener
Princeton Performance Archives
princeton Ensemble Performances Archives Music Dept. Staff
faculty Music Dept. Faculty Performances Music Dept. Staff
student Music Dept. Class Performances Music Dept. Staff
tiger Princeton Acappella