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Mendel Music Library provides a comprehensive computing environment in support of the overall study of music. Both Mac and PC computers are available throughout the library, most with printing capabilities. The library is also home to music notation software.

Multimedia Room

12 latest-model iMacsiMacs

These machines are fully programmed to take care of all the functions you'd expect on a Mac, but don't forget you can also listen to CDs and view DVDs from these computers as well. Some DVDs, however, may not play on these machines, so you may need to use the DVD viewing stations (see the Listening and Viewing Equipment link for further details). All of these computers print to the Pharos printer on the first floor in Mendel (in the bank of computers adjacent the reference collection). This is the only printer option on these computers, which is configured as MacWalkin in the printer pop-up when you choose to print. Note that these iMacs DO NOT print to the printer located in the Multimedia Room under the clock. If someone has managed to completely shut off the machines, the on-button is on the lower left on the back of the monitor. Normally, the machines should just be in sleep mode. The log-in window provides log-in and password should you need to log in the computers to the network.macs with keyboards

iMac Workstations with Keyboards

3 iMac stations, supplemented with piano-type keyboards, that offer Sibelius and Finale music notation software, located on the computer counter under the clock in the Multimedia Room. These machines print to the printer located near them and do not require logging in to the Pharos system. The workstations are maintained by the Music Department. Click here for tips on using the Mac computers and the Finale/Sibelius software packages. Please contact Jeremiah LaMontagne directly for any troubleshooting tips.

General Computing

Public access computers with access to the Internet, Library Resources, public access computersMicrosoft Office, and print capabilities are located throughout the Mendel Music Library. Wireless Internet access is also available to patrons throughout the building. For more information regarding Wireless Access please see the following page:

Please note the PC nearest the tables on the first floor is specially configured to accommodate the few CD-ROMs we have that require preloaded programs to run. Please see a staff member if you need assistance.