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Study Carrel Information

About the Study Carrels

  • Study carrels are mostly located on the third floor of the Mendel Music Library, with some additional carrels on the second floor.
  • Study carrels are always in high demand in the music library. Priority is given to current graduate music students and faculty. Undergraduate senior music majors may only obtain a study carrel after all graduate student and faculty needs are met.
  • Carrels are normally reserved for currently enrolled musicology students, with first choice given to those in their first three years of study. Lockable cabinets accompany the third-floor carrels, and there is additional shared shelving. Also on the third floor is equipment for listening, computer workstation, and a printer. Wireless computer access is available throughout the library, and each carrel also has an Internet connection. Contact Jenny Scro (see below) for a carrel assignment and other carrel matters.
  • The music library instituted a new and mandatory carrel check-out policy in fall 2009.

Study Carrel Policies and Expectations

  • Carrel users need to fill out a new application for a carrel for the academic year (fall–summer) at the start of each fall semester.
  • Carrel users must be in residence during the fall and winter/spring semesters in order to reserve a carrel (summers are optional).
  • Most third-floor carrel users are also assigned a locked wooden cabinet and a small locked file cabinet.
  • Spill-over shelves are also available on the third floor when all materials will not fit on a carrel. Carrel users are entitled to a maximum of two shelves each and should respect that this is a shared communal space and not an invitation to hog multiple shelves needed by others for their materials.
  • Carrel users must check out all library materials housed on their carrels or shelves to either their carrels or themselves. We strongly recommend using the carrel checkout option for all these materials (see exceptions below) to reduce liability for materials personally checked out to carrel users and kept on the carrels.
  • Materials checked out to carrels obtain a temporary non-circulating status and cannot leave the library. These materials can be easily located (by checking at the circulation desk) for other researchers to use in-house. You may switch your carrel (circulating only) items back to your regular prox (University ID card) if you decide you want to take them out of the library.
  • Mendel Library Reference books and scores may be charged to your carrel at week-long increments (and subsequently renewed).

What you can and can not charge to a carrel:

You MAY NOT check out Items from ReCAP, the annex libraries, other branch books (including Firestone), and Mendel CDs, DVDs, microforms, reserve items, and SVL (locked) books and scores to the carrels at any time. These items are charged out to your prox card only. SVL materials are to be charged to your prox and may be used for the day (we also hold your prox card) and must be returned after immediate use. Reserves must be charged to your prox and returned on time.

Only Mendel circulating scores/books and Reference (SV, SVF, MUSPE) books/scores may be charged to carrels.

Be advised that there is public access throughout the carrel area (particularly on the 2nd floor). CDs and DVDs checked out to you and personal property of value could be subject to theft. You remain responsible for all items checked out to your prox card that are left on the carrels.

  • All materials charged out to carrels must bear a red “checked out to carrel” flag. The “carrel patrol” will remove any library items from your carrel or shelf not charged out to the carrel or you personally.
  • Carrel users are expected to keep all library materials checked out to their carrels upright with tags showing. Please avoid messy piles of books and scores. Mendel staff may leave gentle reminders that housekeeping is needed for carrels bordering on chaos.
  • Carrel users obtain a special carrel charge-out card from the Mendel Music Library Circulation Supervisor (and carrel coordinator) Jenny Scro at the Mendel Library. This card is only valid in the Mendel Music Library.
  • Carrel users must present their carrel card at the time of check-out. It is not possible for staff to look up carrel accounts at the circulation terminal.
  • Please do not use paper clips, post-it notes, pens, or pencils as bookmarks. Use flags or scrap paper instead (available from the Circulation Desk). We reserve to right to confiscate any misused library materials.
  • Carrel users  are expected to respond to courtesy and recall notices. If you do not return an overdue recalled book, library staff will remove the item and leave a note that the item was taken from your carrel.
  • Carrel users are expected to maintain their own honor system regarding the collaborative sharing of materials kept on their carrels. Special borrowing tags will be available at the circulation desk for those wanting to share materials checked out to the carrels.
  • The Music Library reserves the right to cancel carrel privileges for users who do not follow the established guidelines for carrel use.

The Mendel Music Library is instituting this carrel check-out policy to enhance the study and research experience of the carrel holders by making it easier to locate the most commonly consulted materials in the library’s collections, and to facilitate bringing together the materials you need for your work while making it clear to other library users where these materials can be found. This system will only succeed if all the carrel holders cooperate. As with all new policies and procedures, some tweaking may be likely at the start of the semester—we certainly encourage your feedback to make the system work better for all involved.

Thank you for your cooperation,

The Mendel Music Library StaffDarwin F. Scott, music librarian
rev. 4/22/2011

Click Here for a Mendel Music Library Study Carrel application